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Hygienic Protection Screen, Basic L

Simple partition, also available in U / Z shape

Product description

Hygienic protection screen, Basic L, simple partition

This basic hygienic protection screen - which also protects against saliva, sneezing and coughing - is designed using a transparent film that is easy to clean. The film is kept under tension by the surrounding plastic poles. The plastic poles are made using nylon fabric. The feet with suction pads included in the delivery allow the screen to be set up anywhere and attached to all smooth/continuous surfaces. It leaves no traces behind when removed. The adhesive pads included in the delivery allow the hygienic screen to be permanently positioned where needed.

The lightweight design of the basic hygienic protection screen makes it quick to set up and put away. It offers ideal partitioning between separate desks. The transparency allows eye contact as usual and the desk receives plenty of light. The screen blocks aerosols which can be unintentionally released when speaking, sneezing or coughing, e.g. towards the person next to you. It helps schools and nurseries to comply with health and safety requirements.

Placing such hygiene screens in classrooms improves the sense of community and raises awareness of dealing with viruses, bacteria and germs.

- Blocks aerosols released via speaking and sneezing
- Lightweight and thus easy to use
- Plastic surfaces are easy to clean
- Feet with suction pads for attaching to desks
- Quick to set up and dismantle
- Very sturdy

Dimensions: approx. 70 cm (L) x 50 cm (H) x 0.7 cm thick (edge)


The basic hygienic protection screen for tables is designed to separate desks from each other. The feet should be positioned first before setting up (2-4 feet depending on the model). Next, the protective screen should be attached to the feet and set up. On smooth surfaces, the suction capacity of the feet can be activated by gently pressing down to ensure a good grip. On rough surfaces, where the feet should be positioned, an adhesive pad can be placed - in this case, the downward pressure when pressing the feet into position is applied to the protective film on top of the pad.


For hygiene reasons, we recommend cleaning the plastic surface regularly. Use standard detergents that are recommended for use on plastic film.

Product data

Available since/from:
01 Jan 2021

Recommended retail price:
12.90 EUR