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Lolly Puffs

Lolly Puffs - they are here to amuse everyone!

Product description

Lolly Puffs - they are here to amuse everyone!

These little plush toys are going to become your child's new best friends.
In three different colors and styles, they will really shape your little one's view on fashion for the future!
Shaped like a rabbit, kitty cat and a teddy bear, they also come in three different styling options - grey look, golden look and a pinky tone.
Children are often wondering in their minds, analyzing everything in the big world around them, and they feel much calmer if there is a little friend that's always beside them. This little fluffy friend is Lolly Puffs!
Lightweight and easy to carry, Lolly Puffs will be everywhere with you and your child to keep it happy, entertained and quiet during that important video call from work.
Choose your favorite color and pet character and give it to your child, the reaction is going to be priceless!

Product data

Available since/from:
01 Mar 2021

Recommended retail price:
13.90 EUR