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Milk and Coffee The Bears

Big fluffy plush bears

Product description

Admit it, you're a fan of big fluffy plush bears that are ready to take and give all the hugs in the world!
Not a surprise, but children love them too!

This big fella is 120cm. tall when sitting and 150cm. tall when standing, he comes in two colors: brown and beige.
Are you sure you can handle this big fluff with both hands?
With glitter on its paws, ears and heart, it makes an exquisite and stylish present for a special one or for any child.
Biggie the Bear is never going to be left unnoticed by guests in your home, he's just too big to not be seen!
People love taking selfies with him, hugging him, even napping on his big plush tummy.

The toy can be washed with warm water of up to 30 degrees Celsius, and it complies with European directive 2009/48/EO.
Surprise your beloved person, your child, or make the most amusing present to a child's birthday with the help of Milk and Coffee The Bears!


Product data

Available since/from:
01 Feb 2021

Recommended retail price:
77,98 EUR

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