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GranBoard 3s

Audiovisual online darts against the world

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GranBoard 3s, developed in Japan, the hotspot for soft tip darts. It is the best and most innovative online smart dart board currently available on the world market and is already in production with the brand new GranBoard 3s model in its fourth and very sophisticated generation. GranBoard offers the largest online community in the world. Choose your opponent yourself and challenge him to a match, whether he is waiting for you in Tokyo, New York, Madrid, Amsterdam or Berlin. Video and audio broadcasts can be switched on and off via a tablet or smartphone, see your opponent and talk to them if you like, find new darts friends in the Darts World Community.Free App - Android and iOS for tablet and smartphone. Connectivity via Bluetooth 4.0 A micro USB port on the GranBoard 3s can be used to provide a power supply for the super cool LED lighting on the outer ring of the board. A variety of linkage LED effects are created with the award animation during the match. At the same time, a GranBoard LED dart mat can be linked to the lighting effects of the GranBoard 3s. This creates an absolutely new experience atmosphere when playing darts. You can also integrate smart "Hue" lights into the game scene, creating a unique and magical lighting atmosphere in your home. The GranBoard 3s is also one of the quietest soft tip dart boards in the world, the low-noise feature has been achieved through new materials for the segments and additional insulation. Your neighbours will be pleased. Large selection of standard and practice games as well as online options are integrated. Manage your statistics in a free account. Suitable for soft darts up to 18 g.

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