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AR (9 Bacteria+Viruses) 3 in 1 Microscope Set

AR (9 Bacteria+Viruses) 3 in 1 Microscope Set

Product description

Micro-Blocks is a modular constructed, 3-in-1 microscope set designed for the smartphone generation. It consists of six- magnetically attached components that can be taken apart and rearranged differently, turning your smart device into a microscope, a slide projector or a macro photography camera. With great power comes with no greater burden, Micro-Blocks has only a fraction of the footprint compared to traditional consumer microscopes, and the whole package fits inside the palm of your hand. It encourages you to see the microscopic world with a brand-new perspective and a with a whole lot of fun!

3 IN 1 Function:

Microscope / AR
Versatile range of 60X, 150X and 300X high quality lenses optimized for mobile devices. Use your phone/ tablet screen as a viewfinder for an impactful viewing experience
Macro Photography
Use device mount and 60X lens to enable high quality macro photography on your phone
Slide Projector
Use the flashlight on your smartphone to project the slide sample into a wall-size screen for extra amazement!


Bacteria & Viruses Collection Features:

• Comes with free AR App, available on iPhone & Android Systems
• Scan the dedicated AR slide through app to reveal eye-popping 3D models of 10 different bacteria and viruses including the INFAMOUS coronavirus!
• Extensive educational contents about bacteria and viruses.
• Comes with exciting games: Bacteria and Virus killing experiment, AR virus shooter game, Battle with Bacteria strategy game.

Product data

Available since/from:
01 Apr 2021

Recommended retail price:
29.99 EUR