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BLOCKI MUBI Police station MU6611A

BLOCKI – Imagination rules here!

Product description

BLOCKI MUBI Police station is a small police set dedicated for the youngest plastic blocks constructors. The greatest advantage and the main reason why this set is so popular are the special effects of light, sound and movement that the elements of the set are provided with. BLOCKI MUBI Police sets are dedicated for children at the age of 3 and older.
BLOCKI MUBI Police station set consists of 58 bigger elements and includes an amazing police station building, a helicopter and a police car. The set also includes two figurines – a policeman and a villain. BLOCKI MUBI collections have been designed to easily combine with other brands. What is more, the designing process has been supervised by child development experts to make sure all of the elements are safe and adjusted to the age of a child.
- Set ID: MU6611A
- Collection: BLOCKI MUBI Police
- 58 bigger elements
- 2 figurines
- User age: 3+

Product data

Available since/from:
1 Nov 2020

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