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BLOCKI MyPolice Mini set sachet

BLOCKI – Imagination rules here!

Product description

BLOCKI MyPolice Mini set sachet is a great blocks option for creative sets collectors. With this mini-series young collectors can add new, smaller special units to their BLOCKI MyPolice Classic collection. Each mini sachet contains one of three small sets – SWAT special unit, patrol car or city police car.
BLOCKI MyPolice Mini set sachets are dedicated for kindergarten or school children at the age of 5 or older. BLOCKI MyPolice Mini sachets series had its premiere in 2020. These sets are interesting as a single toy option, a bigger set supplement but also as an extra shopping promotion bonus.

- Set ID: KB0640-KB0642
- Collection: BLOCKI MyPolice
- 1 figurine in each set
- User age: 5+

Product data

Available since/from:
1 Nov 2020