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BRUDER - bworld Personal Water Craft with driver

"Theme world Leisure Time"

Product description

BRUDER – bworld Personal Water Craft with driver

To many, holidays at the seaside are still a synonym for relaxation. Sun, sea and sandy beaches are factors for a nice holiday. Water craft are a common feature on many beaches. They are hired out to holiday makers as well as used by coast guards. The new BRUDER personal water craft features an unsinkable design to prevent any capsizing and it can accommodate two bworld figures. The rider has already been fully equipped so adventures on the water can immediately begin.

Article characteristics:

- Swimming hull (unsinkable) providing space for 2 bworld figures
- Rider with life vest
- Mount at rear for electrically powered auxiliary motor (not included)

Size ( L / W / H ) [cm]: 22,5 x 10,0 x 10,0

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