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Coding with Pixels & Pixel Fun

Learn how to code with pixels

Product description

Nowadays, children can decipher codes before they can even read! Our ‘unplugged’ materials are a great way for young children to get to know the principles of programming through playing a game and without the need of a computer. Our games “Coding with Pixels” and “Pixel Fun” are the ideal games to teach children the principles of coding.

The educational games “Coding with Pixels” and “Pixel fun” are based on the principle of binary code. The binary code assigns a pattern of binary digits to each character. In this game children discover pixel art drawing. Each number in the squares of the task cards stands for a number of pixels which must be lead on the playing board. If you decipher de code correctly a funny pixel image will appear!

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Available since/from:
1 Jan 2020

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