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Dice Set "Math", 12 pcs., 20 mm in Box

For learning and reinforcing basic arithmetic

Product description

Dice set ""Mathematics"", 12 pcs., 20 mm in box

A total of 12 six-sided dice for learning and reinforcing basic arithmetic and to promote logical thinking. Depending what year the children are in, they can throw one or more dice, which allows challenging arithmetic tasks to be formulated. The dice are designed in different colours for different number ranges and different basic arithmetic operations (1-6 = white / 7-12 = yellow / 13 – 18 = blue / 19 – 24 = orange / + / - = green / * / : = lilac). This visual differentiation allows a speedy selection and precise task setting. The dice come in a practical box, the black print on the pastel-coloured dice is particularly easy to see.

An exercise is created using the digits / numbers on top of the dice in combination with the dice for the basic arithmetic operations. The winner is the person who works out the answer first and collects the most points by the end. Another option is to extend the relevant task with additional dice. So, this is just as excellent for higher year groups as well.

The level of difficulty can be adjusted by increasing or reducing the number of dice. Or you can allocate decimal units to different colours on the numbered dice. Ideal for working alone, in pairs or in groups. Instructions on the inside of the lid provide information about varied possible uses.

The dice are stored in a very attractive, robust, folding cardboard box, which has a nice feel and comes with a magnetic closure. This makes it easy to open/close the box and makes it much more straightforward to handle.

Edge length: 20 mm

- Made of high-quality plastic, with rounded edges/corners
- Multiple dice can be used simultaneously, or just one dice at a time
- Also ideal for use individually, in pairs or as a group


- 2 dice for each of the number ranges 1-6, 7-12, 13-18, 19-24 in different colours
- 2 dice for the basic arithmetic operations +/- and */: in different colours

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Available since/from:
01 Jan 2021

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9.95 EUR

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