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Eofauna Triceratops sp.

Phthalate free pvc figure at 1:35 (13.5 x 20 cm)

Product description

An educative product for kids and adults, which includes collectible/playing card. The users can play and learn while playing with the figure and its card, especially about its anatomy, geography, and also concepts involving maths and physical quantities (units and dimensions). Also, the users have the opportunity to deepen the knowledge of figures through the books of Eofauna, including the recently published books about theropod and sauropods dinosaurs.

The figure represents an unnamed Triceratops species older than T. horridus and T.prorsus. It possesses intermediate characteristics between these two species. It had a short face, a very wide nasal horn, extraordinarily developed frontal horns, and a relatively compact body. It is based on MOR 3027 & UCMP 128561 fossil specimen remains.

The product is available in two colours.

Product data

Available since/from:
15 Feb 2021

Recommended retail price:
22.90 EUR