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Magnetic Tangram – Advanced Kit

Magnetic Tangram – Advanced Kit

Product description

Few things get kids mental juices flowing the way tangram puzzles do, and this advanced magnetic tangram kit is one of the very best we have encountered in that regard. Among its many fine features is the capacity for one person to enjoy solo play or for two players to compete, head to head, due to the inclusion of two complete sets of tangram pieces. The playing boards and pattern booklet (which contains 100 progressively difficult challenges), are designed in such a way as to enable both players to view the same pattern and race to recreate it without being able to see one another's progress until either party declares victory. The educational benefits of play are extensive and naturally include the exploration and manipulation of geometric shapes that is an inherent part of tangram solving, as well as enhanced hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, concentration, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Kids find the puzzles to be enormously enjoyable, the sense of mastery they gain with each completed challenge fueling an appetite for greater and more intricate challenges to come!

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08 Aug 2019

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15.99 EUR