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Protection Kit COVID-19

Protection Kit

Product description

Protection Kit COVID-19

70 magnetic pictograms for a better understanding of hygiene and social distancing measures.

Designed by the father of an autistic child, the Protection Kit COVID-19 Edition is the perfect visual tool for a better understanding of hygiene and social distancing measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
This kit includes 70 magnetic pictograms representing the new measures to adopt in terms of hand washing, wearing a mask and visor, what is allowed and what is not, as well as the guidelines for social distancing in childcare and  school environments. By using the double-sided magnetic door hanger in this kit, understanding and following the rules will be much easier and more fun!

Ideal for all children and adults, perfect for home and outings, child care, schools and all places where
rules of hygiene and social distancing are in place. A pictogram is an illustration which helps a person to visualize an object or an action. A sequence is a series of pictograms that allow the person to associate an image with each step of a task, activity or social scenario (taking a bath, brushing teeth, or washing hands, for example).
A social scenario aims to illustrate a social situation in a precise way in order to improve the understanding of the person and / or his ability to interact socially.

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Available since/from:
01 Nov 2020

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