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Princess Leah-A Dream of Flower and Rainbow

Product description

The paradise where the rainbow and the fragrance of flowers compete with each other is a home for the princess to live comfortably. Princess Leah 3 revolves around the images of flowers, rainbows, and gems that girls like to create a new flower language rainbow dream theme product. In the new series of products, you can see a new form of castle-water castle, climb up the rainbow ladder from the boat, and feel the fragrance along the way; you can also feel the secret garden treasure box we created for girls in a different kind of surprise when opened.

The flagship castle is our most proud product. The castle is gorgeous and elegant, and the play experience is rich. The 8 pieces of rainbow crystal shards that are given to the entire series of items can be used to decorate it, making it more gorgeous and colorful.

Product data

Available since/from:
01 Dec 2020

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