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Space mat

Incredible space circuit to free their imagination

Product description

Because everyone has real needs, even kids

The world is changing, and the little ones need to adapt to it and grow up while having a great time playing.

In Miniland we want to make things easy for parents, and we offer them an amazing collection of toys and experiences that will help kids in their daily needs while having fun.

Discover all the real needs that our toys work, in a clear and simple way, and fall in love with their beautiful designs and themes.

My kid needs to nurture the imagination

The youngest members of the family will enjoy hours and hours of playing on Space mat.

They can explore its paths with the colorful vehicles; make up fantastic stories while they explore all the places on it with sensory elements and its adorable characters.

And after the game, it’s also impressive to see how it folds up and all the elements stay in order inside of it, ready to take anywhere.

A unique space adventure!

3D elements

For an even better experience, our space mat includes 3D elements. Kids will really enjoy driving their toy cars over the exciting bridge, through the mysterious tunnel or parking them in the garage!

Sensory elements

The mat contains visual reflections that simulate water, crisp paper areas that are rocks in the road, and visual contrasts that develop kid’s sight.

Easily transportable

When folded, the cars are stored inside the mat, while a practical handle allows the parents to carry it around comfortably.

Soft and large

The soft padding and the large size of “space mat” allow kids to give free rein to their imagination and play comfortably.

2 ergonomic cars

It includes 2 different models of highly resistant cars so that the little ones can create thousands of stories.


Product data

Available since/from:
18 Jan 2021

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