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The Flexible Toy road, made in Europe

Product description

The flexible roads are made of high grade, child safe rubber. Each double-sided set comes with connecting road segments. Straights, curves, parking bays and crossings! Built to last, waterproof and ready for endless adventure. ✨Imagine✨ Create ✨Play✨

“Waterproof” - Waytoplay roads are waterproof and ready for indoor and outdoor water play! Whether it's the beach, the pool, the garden or even the bath, enjoy endless water fun year-round. At bath time, simply stick the road to the side of the tub for use with other bath toys. Waytoplay stimulates the senses and is great for use with foam, mud, and all kinds of messy play. Wipe down, dry and stack and your road will be ready for the next round of serious water fun.

No Screens/No Wires- Waytoplay is committed to providing toys with no wires or screens for 100% unplugged fun! By imagining and creating their own way to play, children build the lifelong skills of inventive problem-solving, resourcefulness, and perseverance in an organic and playful setting. Your child will lead the way to skills that will last a lifetime with waytoplay.

Play With All Your Toys - Waytoplay incorporates seamlessly with toys of all kinds and provides an open road to imaginative play. When waytoplay teams up with other toys, children build their own creative adventure to a small world, construction site, speedway race or exotic getaway. The versatility of waytoplay provides limitless toy combinations where children bring play to life in any setting and discover new life in old toys.


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Available since/from:
01 Nov 2014

Recommended retail price:
33 €

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