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Weißt du was du isst & Vitamine auf unserem Teller

Spielerisch über gesunde Ernährung lernen

Product description

A healthy nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and knowing the origins of products are very important. Our educational games help you educating your children in a playful way.

The ‘Know what you are eating’ puzzle teaches children about healthy food, what you should eat on a daily basis and in which ratio. This pyramid-shaped puzzle is divided into seven rows. The largest part of the puzzle (the bottom row) is about exercise. The top row consists of sweets. These are not necessary for a balanced diet and therefore have the smallest section. In between are other groups of food that provide very important building materials for a health body. By using this material actively, children begin to understand the importance of healthy food and learn its various uses.

Vitamins in our plate
Using a game is a great way to help children learn about healthy eating while having fun at the same time! Eating habits are instilled from a young age so talking about why and what healthy food is, is important. Children who eat enough vegetables and fruit in their everyday lives can be more alert and interested in activities which can improve their concentration and learning.

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Available since/from:
1 Jan 2020