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Houseboat ‚Moby-Dick‘

Cast off in the first own sailing boat.

Product description

The Moby-Dick houseboat from wohnstuecke will delight all little captains and captainesses.
It is a wonderful way to practice sailing at a young age, but not only that: favorite toys can be stowed under the removable benches and dolls and little brothers and sisters can find their seats on them. And the houseboat glides wonderfully on barely visible, quiet castors, as if in the wind.
Moby-Dick in its curved shape is handmade of multiplex wood, and it includes the compartment and seat boards, the removable mast, the cotton sail and the all-round cord, which is also a bumper fender.
Moby-Dick is 86 x 30 x 40 cm, with mast 105 cm high and loadable up to 30 kg.
More about the Houseboat Moby-Dick at www.wohnstuecke.com/en/toys.html.

Product data

Available since/from:
From January 2021

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