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“LiL HOUSE” learning clock for children

A clock with insertable numbers, handle and stand

Product description

“LiL HOUSE” wooden learning clock with handle and stand.  Let your child be creative! With this wooden clock a child can learn time, colors and the sequency of numbers by inserting clock numbers into right places. Children can also learn the right direction of numbers, avoiding mirror views of the numbers. Develops fine motor skills, first educational skills through games.

This “LiL HOUSE” learning clock includes engraved minutes. Clock handle and table stand are a wonderful addition for the ease of use of this toy.

We offer 3 different learning clock types in this product line.


- Diameter of the clock base: 30 cm / 11.8 inches

- Contains round clock base with handle and perforations; colorful insertable clock numbers; time indicators

-Contains wooden base for inserting the clock, while playing with it.

Age:  for 3 - 7 years old kids.


- playwood, wood

- safe for children certified paints.

Order/delivery conditions: Products come in flat boxes. Different volume orders accepted. Open for dropshipping and volume deliveries on pallets.

Other products in the product line: “LiL HOUSE” learning clock with engraved minutes and numbers; “LiL HOUSE” learning clock with insertable numbers, with no handle, no stand.


Please see our webpage and contact us for detailed information on product sizes, specifications and prices.  

Product data

Available since/from:
01 Jun 2020

Recommended retail price:
29.00 EUR

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