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RE-Wood® Tower Numbers in Montessori colours

34 Tower Numbers of RE-Wood® in Montessori colours

Product description

12 x 1 (red), 7 x 2 (green), 4 x 3 (pink), 4 x 4 (yellow), 2 x 5 (light blue), 1 x 6 (purple), 1 x 7 (white), 1 x 8 (brown), 1 x 9 (blue), 1 x 10 (gold) allows to stack 10 x the value 10 with different Tower numbers. The value of the Tower numbers corresponds to the height in centimeters. All numbers are 4 cm wide and 3 cm deep. Includes control ruler and instructions.

The numbers can be touched, stacked and traced with a pencil. Due to the different sizes of the numbers, even children with learning disabilities grasp the connection. So they can quickly discover from the Tower numbers that 2 threes are just as big as 6. True to the philosophy of Maria Montessori "Help me to do it myself".

Our sustainable and ecological RE-Wood® material is made from shredded wood scraps of German production and a binder in a ratio of 80:20 in a resource-saving way. RE-Wood® is 100% recyclable, certified with the PEFC seal, carbon neutral and free of pollutants. Products made of RE-Wood® are stable, lightweight and have a high level of safety in use. RE-Wood® is our fair alternative to plastics.

With the RE-Wood® Tower numbers in Montessori colors playfully discover the world of numbers!

Product data

Available since/from:
1 March 2020