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Wood for cuddling – cuddly wood. 2021 marks the launch of the cuddly new wooden toy collection “CudlyWudly”. The Upper Franconian toy manufacturer offered a wide selection of wooden toys for many years and is returning to the segment with these wonderful new additions. sigikid created a special innovation specifically for this purpose that is also clearly aligned with the brand’s two core values: animal characters and cuddling.

These wooden animals are made by hand with love in Europe using the finest quality maple. The only part of the wood that is painted is the face – and it is painted by hand. This gives each animal its own individual expression. What makes this collection so unique is the fact that each animal has a characteristic plush covering that children can remove themselves. Kids can mix and match the furry coverings on different animals to come up with all kinds of imaginative combinations, like a fantastical zebra-hippo, for example.

A wonderful toy for playing and collecting that also makes a decorative addition to any child’s bedroom. This is sustainability by sigikid.

More details about the new 2021 products are also published within the sigikid YouTube channel.




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Available since/from:
01 Mar 2021