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TH-3 Tree House

Ready-mounted Tree House for Little Elves

Product description

TH-3 Tree House has a tree looking design.

It is constructed from three logs and five platforms, comes with a mounted bottom (4 levels) and includes crane, hammocks, ladders, and a cloth for decoration. The special felt cloth can be attached to the upper levels. Velcro points, cleverly hidden, keep the cloth in position. The green felt imitates leaves and invites elves to hide in this sweet tree house. If your child loves elves, forest fairies, animals, and all magical creatures… than it’s a perfect dwelling for them.

TH-3 Tree house is excellent for imaginative play, role play and creative activities.

Made from alder, hazel, white beech, pine, surface oiled with linseed oil.

Mounted 40 x 25 x 65 cm. Certified FSC100%.


Product data

Available since/from:
30 Jan 2018

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